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Dominant Hotwife training cuck
Taya’s hubby in chastity 24/7 has taken good care of all the house chores but the most important she has prepared for him is still yet to begin. Tonight he is to watch his Dominant wifey fuck with a real man and to taste his cock and cum!   Slurping Taya’s spit after she has given head to her bull, licking her clit while she’s riding him, swallowing that stinky goo… It’s all so degrading and so strangely exciting!

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Paying for CB release

Both my wife and my Mistress decided that I have to pay them money to get out of the CB, I have to pay them more if they give me more sexual pleasure etc…


Such a good little sissy for Goddess…You have one minute to cum with the Hitachi like naughty girls do…(it took him 15 seconds BTW!  *LOL)

List will not increase

It is an emotional moment for a man in chastity when you hear that the list of women you fucked will not increase anymore as the owner of your penis doesn’t see why that would benefit anyone.

Loss of its traditional function

Emotional moment : you realize as a man in chastity that your penis lost its traditional function & is considered to be a toy solely for women’s pleasure regardless of the effect their games has on you.



Every once in a long while I get angry messages from men about being a cuckold.  Like this one guy who saw that I was a cuckold and tells me how disgusting I am, how he would never let his wife do any of the things my wife does, that I’m probably secretly gay and not a real man and if he lived closer that he would find me, kick my ass and fuck my wife and stretch her out so bad that I’d never be able to feel her pussy again. 

I wish I got more of those.

haha this guy rules





Every day…. PLEASE!!!!

Things I love about this video:

1. It’s real
2. Her tender verbal encouragement.
3. When he can’t handle it anymore, he actually cries and asks for the cage.
4. She understands and locks him up without letting him come.

We didn’t do our morning slow fuck today. Maybe I’ll ask for this instead.


This woman knows how to tease…

god this is so hot, look at his helpless little cock twitch, comPLETELY out of of crontol, and then his whining at the end! aaaa - he is so owned!

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Sexy clip of men that know there place. If you don’t have a big cock, this is where you belong…

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